About Call of Photography

Who we are?

Call Of Photography is an online platform for photographers and photo lovers as well. We share all possible issues, tips, facts etc about photography. Our motto is, with all, for all. So Check below if you are any one of these.

Photography is not just an occasional matter anymore as before. Even the amateur photographers are more serious now a day. They take all possible preparation for the photo shooting purpose.

If we look into deep then we'll see amateur photographers handle professional cameras and gears like extra lenses, flash lights extra batteries etc. During the travel, the camera is their must thing to get in the backpack. The photography professionals and institutes are also working for the armature and newbie photographers. There are many photo contests have been launching in the photography world which are only for armature photographers. There are many workshops occurring to help them. So, for the amateurs, this is not only just like pick the camera once in a year.

Travelers are the most photo shooter among the armature photographers. Many of them are very passionate to do photography. Maybe they aren't interested in to do that professionally but they still have the love for that.

Amateur, newbie or professional whatever you are, you got to have a suitable camera. This is a very important part in photography and we have covered this segment very carefully and seriously. Basically, we started with the camera suggestions for newbies and amateurs. A research shows that many folks are being late to getting started in photography due to their indecision. Yes! many of them spend the time to select the camera they want to buy. Of course, it's a matter of taking time but the matter is that some of them lost interest at last.

So, we are here for those who are thinking and can't decide what they should buy. We discussed on the various type of cameras. Primarily we started with camera suggestions for beginners but later we also focused on cameras for intermediate and professionals. Our goal is to analyze the trending market and pick the best thing for users.Not only the camera we also will cover the other photography gears. Gears are also very important as a camera. A good flashlight makes you photo far better in some cases. A bad betray can ruin your event. So everything should get equal importance.

If you are a newbie or amateur, then you're most welcome! Just go through the all basic writings we put here for the beginners. Hope you'll love it. In addition, if you have any question then just contact us. We have many helping hands for you.

Are you a professional already? Great! We will be glad to share our expert's experiences with you too! You may discover some advanced level techniques which could boost your expertise. For professionals, like you, we arrange annual competitions. Gradually, we'll be adding the updates of the trending cameras and gears so that you have the latest news of the industry. You can also share your thoughts and experiences with us anytime!

We are also going to launch an online gallery. The gallery will be decorated with the amazing photos. Armature or professionals, whoever wants, can send their own photos. The photos will be chosen upon our selection panel decision.

Our aim is to spread the knowledge and brightness of photography to each and everyone, who are interested in.We'll be working to bring photo lovers on a platform where cooperation will be the key. Our goal is to serve the photography community and bring the hidden talents in front.