When it comes to being a parent, every memory of their child is precious. The most important moment for them is undoubtedly the instance when their baby is born. And they want this memory to be captured as a photograph so that it can always bring a smile to their face. This is why they intend to hire a photographer who’ll do birth photography for them.

Birth Photography Tips and Defination?

What is birth photography?

In photography, new genres always keep emerging out of nowhere. There was a time when people couldn’t enter the room where the baby delivery used to take place. But, now most of the hospitals allow a photographer to enter the room and take photographs of the moment. And this type of photography is known to be birth photography. Nowadays parents hire a contracted birth photographer to take photos of their child’s delivery and the situations related to giving birth.

You also must be a photographer who wants to start giving this type of photography service. Maybe, you don’t know where to start from. Or you can also be a pro thinking about getting new ideas for your next shoot.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a newbie. It also doesn’t matter if you are a photographer or not. Whatever you’re searching for is all right here in these following birth photography tips. I assure you these tips are just what you need to take some beautiful birth photos without any hassle.

What gears for birth photography should you pack?

Now you need to keep one thing in mind that not all the gears are necessary to take birth photos. There are different types of gear that you will need to pack beforehand. Followings are those –

Camera – Take a camera that can work great on low light and doesn’t produce grainy images on higher ISO. If possible use a camera that has dual card slots as you will need an extra card for storage.

Lens – Carry lenses that are small like a 55mm lens. It should cover a wider angle and taking wide shots gets easier. It should also have a lower f-stop number so that the depth of field will be perfect.

Memory card – There is no guarantee how many photos you make have to take as birth photography is a long process. So you should keep extra memory cards in case you need them. Keeping your card ready for the shoot will help you a lot trust me.

Flash – As the delivery room might not have that much natural light you may have to use artificial light like flash.

Flash diffuser – The light from the flash is too harsh. To keep the light soft a diffuser will be needed. So keep a diffuser in the packing.

Discussion on Birth Photography Tips

Keep in touch

There is no certain time for the delivery to happen. So you must stay ready for it. This is why stay connected with the yet-to-be parents. Tell them to call you whenever the mother feels the water is about to break. You should call them everyday of the week before the delivery date. This way you won’t miss out on the session.

Consult with the Doctor

Not every doctor will give you permission to take photographs inside the delivery room. You need to talk to the hospital or the doctor in charge and ask for permission. Question them about the stuff you can do inside the delivery room and stuffs that you cannot do. Trust me 99% of the doctors won’t have any problem with you taking photos of the delivery process unless you get in their way.

Capture photos of the delivery room

The delivery room is the place which the mother of the newborn baby will always try to remember all her life. So you can help her by taking some photos of that room. Take some wide shots of the room and take photos of the hospital too. Take a photo of the room number and things inside the room as well.

Capture details of the signs and environment

There are few details of the delivery room that the parents would want to be kept as memories. Like the sign which says “Turn left for Delivery Room”. Or the ECG machine that keeps showing the heart rate while delivery. Take photos of such details of the whole situation and objects relating to the delivery process.

Use flash if allowed to

Flash has a very harsh light. It is harmful for the newborn to face such harsh light right after the delivery. Even the doctors might feel disturbed because of it. So before using a flash to take photos make sure the doctor allows you to use it during the operation.

Be ready to shoot low light

The delivery room has less ambient light. The doctors use overhead lights to do this operation and this light falls on the mother giving birth. This is why the room has low light. To take photos in such a place you will have to use a low F-stop value which means a lower aperture. A lower aperture will help you to take brighter images. The aperture value should be something between 1/2 to 1/4 f stops or even wider. It will let more light enter the camera thus giving you a brighter and sharper image.

Focus on the newborn

Keep a Checklist of shots

You won’t get time to think about what shots to take while the delivery process. This is why you should keep a checklist planned for the shots you want to take beforehand. There can be different types of shots like the mother’s expressions while the delivery. The crowning shot of the baby. Some action shots of the doctors. And maybe some hand-holding shots of the baby’s parents. Any of these amazing shots can be the perfect shot that you are looking for. A birth photographer I knew followed this tip of keeping a checklist and trust me he took an award-winning shot that mesmerized everyone.

Take Post delivery photos

Take some post-delivery photos to add more stories to your photos. There can be different post-delivery photos like –

  • The mother holding baby for the first time
  • Father holding baby for the first time
  • Baby being weighed on a small weighing machine
  • Baby being wrapped up in a towel
  • Breastfeeding for the first time.
  • Relatives holding baby
  • The baby’s first smile or cry


One of the most fascinating types of photography that you will love is this birth photography. You can connect with the feelings of the parents having their first baby. And can help them to keep those moments as memories intact in a photograph. This genre of photography is truly wonderful and you can make it more amazing just by following the tips I talked about above. So I hope you will try them for sure. Have fun!

Some FAQs About Birth Photography

When should a birth photographer arrive?

A birth photographer should arrive as soon as possible to the hospital before even the mother arrives.

Can you take pictures while giving birth?

It will be difficult to take photos as you will be in a lot of pain because of the labor or maybe unconscious.

Should I get a birth photographer?

If you want to keep the memories of giving birth to your baby intact as photos then yes you surely have to get or hire a birth photographer.

How much do birth pictures cost?

Most photographers charge you for the number of photos they deliver to you. I can say that it costs around $5 to $15 per picture. It depends on the experience and quality of the photographer.

What lens is best for birth photography?

A small lens like 55mm which captures wide angles will be best for birth photography.

Are there cameras in labor and delivery rooms?

Some hospitals have CCTV cameras but not DSLRs for sure.

Why do hospitals not record birth?

They record birth dates and yes some record the delivery process using a small CCTV camera as proof that the operation was successful and didn’t harm anyone.

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