10 Reasons to Get a GoPro

GoPro cameras are the new cool, as long as extreme sports shooting and action shooting are concerned! And we know you would agree with us at this point.

But even wondered what are the reasons that you(and millions of others) are in love with these tiny devices? What really make then stand out?

Well, we’ve gone through a lot of shares from users and figured out the 10 most important reasons why people love to get and use a GoPro. And in today’s list, we’re about to reveal the list.

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10 Reasons to Get A GoPro

Alright, so here we go with the top 10 most lucrative reasons why people are so in love with these compact, action cameras-

Reason 1 of 10: Using GoPro is Fun

Let’s put the technical facts aside for a moment, and think about the most spectacular feature that cameras like GoPro give us. Yeah, you guessed it right. It’s fun in shooting!

Why do we say so? Well, think about watching a falcon’s fight from the viewpoint of the falcon itself. Or imagine how planet earth would look like from a bird’s eyes.

Sounds fascinating enough? Well, each of these(and many more) fun stuff are being possible because of these tiny, compact, wearable and high-quality cameras.

Reason 2 of 10: It’s Best with Image and Vidoe Quality

GoPros are really big deals when it comes to shooting HD video or clicking high-quality images. To keep your moments as alive as possible, nothing should be compromised with these two features.

Take the Hero4 as an example. It can shoot 4K quality video at a frame rate of 30 fps, 1080p quality videos at a frame rate of 120 fps. On top of that, it can shoot 12MP standard images with a frame rate of 30fps. The images are quite like the DSLR outputs.

Reason 3 of 10: They’re Tough

When it’s about an outdoor action camera, you should defi8nitley think about its protection from water, fog, moisture, and even temperature. A mistakenly done imperfection can ruin the whole device.

That being said, with GoPro in hand, that headache is almost non-existing. They come with a pretty strong built quality. Also, they are protected against water, rain, dust, dirt and so on.

Reason 4 of 10: Lets You Go Underwater

If you’re a regular Youtube viewer, you might have noticed that there is a hype among travel vloggers to shoot underwater, right? Well, that’s being possible because the camera’s like GoPro is there.

GoPro cameras are waterproof. But it’s the ability to shoot underwater pressure is something that you can’t expect from just any waterproof action cam in the market.

For divers and underwater sportsmen, there are GoPro models that can withstand the extreme water pressure as well. Hero4 GoPro is a fine example, which can stay waterproof unto a depth of 132 feet.

Reason 5 of 10: They’re Versatile

With a full form GoPro in hand, you will be provided with a handful of shooting variations in terms of both photos and videos. There are time-lapse mode, photo mode, video mode and so on. That’s one of the best versatility that an action camera can provide.

Reason 6 of 10: It’s A Friendly Gear for Non-techies 

To operate with a GoPro in full swing, you don’t need to be a professional photographer or even a techie at all. Tasks like switching shooting modes, choosing the right settings, taking the footage from the camera to the computer- these all are made to be super easy.

All you need to have are the essential gears, accessories and to learn the basic know-how. That’s all!

Reason 7 of 10: They’re Much Affordable

This can be the deciding point for many of the people who’re limited within a tight budget. Well, for your utter surprise, GoPros already come to be affordable. With just a tiny much over a hundred bucks, you can avail the basic GoPro camera.

If you put a few hundred buck bills together, you can afford the new top of the line Hero4 GoPro kit, which is a jackpot! You can shoot 4K video with it, and a load of other cool features is in there as well.

Reason 8 of 10: It’s Friendly for Kids Also

Gears are the new toys for babies who are growing up in this age. And no argue with that!

But what if we let your kids be more creative with gears like GoPro? Let the kid take the camera on sports like body surfing, snorkeling, jumping off the rocks and even hiking. This will open up newer dimensions and windows to their imaginations. To know more about sports camera check this article https://techwhippet.com/best-camcorder-for-sports/

Reason 9 of 10: GoPro Has a Handful of Accessories

It’s quite an interesting fact that there is no limit to what you can do with a GoPro camera in hand. We mean, there are so many accessories available for these gears that you will have a hard time to pick up the right ones.

There are selfie sticks, head straps, chest straps, buoyancy attachment and many more to attach with these cameras.

Reason 10 of 10: They Are Good for Professional Photographers as Well

Although GoPro is something which is made for day to day users like you and me, it can be well suited within the requirement of a professional photographer as well.

Instead of an underwater DSLR rig, you can shoot your underwater documentaries with GoPro. There is hardly any chance of running out of battery power. And the process of transferring files from cameras to the computer is also quite easy.

Bottom Line

No matter it’s a basic GoPro within a hundred bucks or a bit expensive ones, GoPros have got no competitor when it comes to popularity. These tiny cameras are taking over DSLR cameras, especially to us youngsters. And throughout this post, we’ve noted down 10 of the biggest reasons behind such popularity of this.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the read!

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