Canon 7D Vs 5D Mk 3: Which Is Better?

The Canon 7D and 5D Mk III are both excellent cameras with different intended purposes. The 7D is a versatile and rugged camera designed for sports and wildlife photography, while the 5D Mk III is a full-frame camera primarily intended for portrait and landscape photography.

The Canon 7D and 5D Mk III are two popular cameras, but they serve different purposes. The 7D is a crop (APS-C) sensor camera, while the 5D Mk III is a full-frame camera. The 7D is great for action and sports photography, thanks to its fast continuous shooting speed and autofocus system.

On the other hand, the 5D Mk III is an excellent choice for portraiture and landscape photography, with its high resolution and full-frame sensor. Both cameras offer exceptional image quality, but the 5D Mk III has better low-light performance due to its larger sensor size. We will compare the features of these two cameras to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Canon 7D Vs 5D Mk 3: Which Is Better?


Design And Control

The Canon 7D and 5D Mk 3 are two popular camera models that differ in design and control. The 7D is known for its fast shooting capabilities, while the 5D Mk 3 offers better image quality and low light performance.

Both cameras have customizable settings and easy-to-navigate menus.

Design and Control
Canon 7D: Outstanding Low Light
Canon 5D Mk 3: Easy To Understand and Control
Canon 7D: More Options for Composition
Canon 5D Mk 3: Large Bright Viewfinder
Canon 7D: Camera Is Highly Customizable
Canon 5D Mk 3: Ergonomics Are Amazing
Canon 7D: Menus Are Easy To Navigate
Canon 5D Mk 3: Color Rendering Is Beautiful
The Canon 7D boasts of an outstanding low-light performance enabling the user to capture great shots even in poor lighting conditions. The camera is designed to offer more options for composition, making it ideal for professionals who want control over their shots. The camera is also highly customizable with easy-to-navigate menus. On the other hand, the Canon 5D Mk 3 is easy to understand and control, with an amazing ergonomic design that ensures the camera feels great in your hands. It has a large bright viewfinder, and the color rendering is beautiful. Overall, both cameras offer great features that cater to different requirements, making them ideal for photographers and videographers.
Canon 7D Vs 5D Mk 3: Which Is Better?



The Canon 7D and 5D Mk 3 have different performance features that make each model distinct and unique. The frames per second of the Canon 7D is 8 compared to the Canon 5D Mk 3, which is 6. With the higher frames per second, the 7D can capture faster moving objects and is great for action or sports photography.

The buffer and memory cards are also different between the two models. The 7D has a smaller buffer and requires a UDMA card to achieve its maximum speed, while the 5D Mk 3 can handle larger buffer sizes and is compatible with both UDMA and SD cards.

Focusing is more advanced in the 5D Mk 3 with its 61-point autofocus system compared to the 7D’s 19 points. The image quality of both cameras is excellent, but the 5D Mk 3’s full-frame sensor produces better image quality with less noise at high ISO settings.

Both cameras can record video, but the 5D Mk 3 has better video quality due to its full-frame sensor and ability to shoot in 1080p. Other opinions about the two cameras depend on personal preferences, but the 7D is known for its rugged build and the 5D Mk 3 is great for professional photographers.

Overall, both cameras have their own strengths, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and shooting needs.

Expert Opinion

The Canon 7D and 5D Mk 3 are both excellent cameras with their own unique features. The 7D is great for sports and action photography with its fast burst rate and autofocus system, while the 5D Mk 3 excels in low light situations and provides superior image quality.

Depending on your needs, either camera can be a great option.

Website Expert Opinion
  • Outstanding low light capabilities
  • Easy to understand and control
  • Camera feels great with amazing ergonomics
  • Menus are easy to navigate with a highly customizable camera
  • Large, bright viewfinder
  • Beautiful color rendering
  • More options for composition
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  • Frames per second
  • Buffer and memory cards
  • Focusing
  • Image quality
  • Video capabilities
  • Other opinions from a photography expert
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Canon 7D Vs 5D Mk 3: Which Is Better?


Frequently Asked Questions Of Canon 7d Vs 5d Mk 3

Is Canon 7d Better Than 5d Mark Iii?

Compared to the Canon 7D, the 5D Mark III has better overall image quality, more focus points, larger sensor size, and higher resolution. However, it is pricier, heavier, and less effective for sports and action photography due to slower frame rates and smaller buffer size.

Is 7d Better Than 5d?

It depends on what you need the camera for. The 5D is a full-frame camera that is better for low-light situations and produces higher resolution images. The 7D has faster focus and more advanced autofocus options, making it better for sports and action photography.

Is The 5d Mark Iii Worth It?

The 5D Mark III is worth it for its outstanding low light capability, customizable features, ease of control and ergonomic design. Its large, bright viewfinder and beautiful color rendering make it a great choice for photographers. It also offers more options for composition.

However, its high price point may not be suitable for everyone.

How Old Is The Canon 5d Mark Iii?

The Canon 5D Mark III is a DSLR camera introduced on March 2, 2012, which means it is almost 9 years old.


After carefully studying the features of Canon 7D and 5D Mark III, we can safely conclude that both are great cameras, each with its unique advantages. While 7D boasts a faster trigger speed, the 5D Mark III’s full-frame sensor and higher pixel count make it an excellent choice for professional photographers.

Ultimately, choosing between these two depends on your preferences and budget. Regardless of your choice, both cameras offer superior quality and ease of use, making them excellent choices for photography enthusiasts of all levels.

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