Canon Rebel T5i review – A Perfect Choice for Beginners

For a pleasant introduction to photography Canon eos rebel t5i is a great option for all beginners. If we’ve given an option to write a one-line canon rebel t5i review, then our main source of satisfaction will be its performance on both photography & videography.

Canon Rebel T5i Specs at a Glance

Resolution: 18.00 Megapixels

Kit Lens: 18-55mm (3.06x zoom)

Shutter: 1/4000 – 30 seconds

Max Aperture: 3.5 (kit lens)

ISO: 100 – 25,600

Weight:27.9 oz (791 g)

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This camera is basically the replacement of Rebel T4i ( Canon EOS 650D ) which is also a very popular three-digit model of canon camera history. Though in terms of its same level model Nikon5200 the AF is a little poor, in terms of other features this is a recommended one. For your information, it is also called 700d so you can consider it as a canon 700d review or EOS 700D reviews as well!

EOS Rebel T5i 

Technical Features

Camera Sensor

Let’s start with the sensor. this camera uses CMOS sensor which has a resolution of 18 megapixels. Though this is not a big upgrade from the past models, still a considerable fact for beginners. 

It’s 18.0 Megapixel assists to take in-depth images. As a result, you can enlarge the images with a sharp quality as you like. It is able to record up to 16,348 colors per channel. By which EOS T5i provides great detail output.


The sensor has a built-in ISO which you can vary from 100 to 12,800. ISO varieties will easier your photo shooting when the sun covered with clouds or at night time.  The more ISO options available the more snapping facilities you will enjoy. The great flexibility is you can also extend the ISO to 25,600. It is a common thought that using high ISO causes noise in the photo. But EOS Rebel T5i has the DIGIC 5 Image Processor which is really superb to reduce the noise. Besides, by adding a hybrid autofocus system you can improve the focus performance by its sensor itself.

Video Quality

In the case of videos rebel t5i offers full HD 1080p videos, though there is grading for frame per second. For 1080p videos you can capture 24, 25 or 30fps max. 

And if you want to go higher like 50 or 60fps then you’ve to reduce your video resolution to 720p. That’s why for taking sports photos there are limitations.

Image example of Canon Rebel T5i

EOS 700D Reviews

LCD swivel display

The key difference between the smaller canon 1100D & canon rebel t5i is the LCD swivel display. You can vary the angle of this display to different points which will give you the comfort of targeting your objects from different locations.

For example, under sunlight sometimes the shades of photographers lie between the camera & object which is very irritating. 

In those cases, you can change your position and then vary the angle of your display somewhere convenient and then shoot your object peacefully. 

The touch screen display also enhances your comfortability which has made it better than canon 600D.


The main technical limitation is having no built in Wi-Fi for transferring the files to your computer or other devices. Besides, there is no option of controlling the camera by remote control too. This is the main barrier of this camera for not being recommended for intermediate users.

Design & Performance

Canon T5i has a stainless steel chassis accompanied by a polycarbonate resin shell which made it not only beautiful in look, but also flexible to carry & durable than other models. 

Though some parts may feel plastic (i.e. around the flash housing), the matt finished rubberized grip areas around the body is really impressive.

The mode dialer is 360 degrees and very smooth to operate than previous models. Button quality is also improved. This model is very fast in capturing photos & videos and also a high performer in switching between the modes. Besides, there are many other built-in photo editing options within this camera those has made the performance higher.

It has a nine-point focus system which is very good, but the autofocus is relatively slower than related models. In addition, you can’t get continuous AF performance like other same level models. 

This is a big limitation of this camera performance. But the performance of the fps is quite good. The option of sensor cleaning and burst photo performance is also nicer.

So, after all these analyses and comparison among the technical specs, design & performance in a nutshell we can conclude this canon t5i reviews with the following pros & cons table.

  • Exclusive noise control feature.
  • Touch screen display.
  • The display is also swiveled which can help you to check previews from the front side.
  • Video capture performance is better than near models.
  • The lighter body that is comfortable to carry.
  • It doesn’t have a Wi-Fi built-in option.
  • Limited Auto Focus Option.


After the release of Canon 650D, photo enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for canon 700D or rebel t5i. And we think the overall canon t5i specification, design & performance didn’t make them frustrated at all. Even Nikon freaks in some cases switched themselves to canon rebel t5i. But for Nikon users, we’ll say on Nikon because they’ve also some fabulous camera models.

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