Nikon D5600 Review : A Quick Guide for All Beginners

All entry level photographers should read the Nikon D5600 review at least once before choosing any other camera model. Because. Especially for entry level photographers Nikon launched its D5600 model on November 2016. And this model replaced the older D5500 with new features and specification.

Nikon d5600 Specs at a Glance:

Resolution: 24.20 Megapixels

Kit Lens: 18-55mm (3.05x zoom)

ISO: 100 – 25,600

Shutter: 1/4000 – 30 seconds

Max Aperture: 3.5 (kit lens)

Weight: 23.6 oz (670 g)

nikon d5600 bundle

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So, today we are going to discuss on the basic specification, pros & con and explicable features of Nikon D5600. And later, we are going to show a comparison between this model and its previous popular model Nikon D5500. Hope all these info will help you a lot. So, let’s move.

Technical Features

Camera Sensor

Nikon D5600 contains an awesome quality 23.5 x 15.6 mm sized CMOS sensor which is very handy. This sensor is perfect for beginners as well as intermediate level photographers.

The maximum resolution of the camera is 24.0 megapixel which is perfect for landscape, portrait or any types of semi-professional type photography.


This 465 gm camera has a 3.2 inches large touch screen display, which you can easily articulate to your desired position. It makes the camera very friendly for selfie photos. Furthermore, the portability is perfect for entry level photographers.


The camera can capture up to 800 shots for a full battery charge. The auto focus is very fast and you can swiftly target and capture your object. But in dusty environment, its performance is not that good since environmental sealing is not that good.

Nikon D5600 Performance

ISO & Shutter Speed

Nikon D5600 offers 100-25,600 native ISO which is the maximum extendable ISO range for this model. Furthermore, the shutter speed is 1/4000 – 30 seconds.

In combination of both ISO and shutter speed, you can use you Nikon D5600 for capturing moving objects very easily. And that’s why for sports photography, animal photography you device will work fine.

nikon d5600 specs

Additionally, in low light ambiance, you can also read your object for more time through your lens. It makes your camera perfect for every time of the day. But every beginner should learn the camera settings properly before testing this photography variations.

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Pros & Con of Nikon D5600

According to the above nikon d5600 specifications and in terms of photographer’s practical experiences we can deduce the following pros & cons:


  • checkIn terms of price vs quality, this is one of the best models among all Nikon cameras. Even if you compare it to some similar level Canon or Sony cameras you’ll find some extra advantages within this price.
  • checkTouch screen & touch AF quality is quite good. It turned this camera suitable for everyone especially for the absolute beginners.
  • checkFor all levels of light this camera works fine. This is a very good news for the photographers who like both daylight photography as well as nightlife photography. Additionally, our suggestion will be utilizing this camera your best for night time photography.
  • checkAs the camera contains Wi-Fi option, you’ll be tension free about the connectivity and file sharing feature. It’ll also help you to clear camera storage regularly, if you don’t have enough memory in your SD card.


  • There is no GPS option inside the camera. Video resolution is up to 1080p.
  • No dust & mud protection unit for external dirt.

Nikon D5600

Types of Photography

Since the camera is designed for beginners, so all types of beginner level photography is possible by this camera. But for portrait & sports photography you can get extra advantages because of its built-in optical view finder & fast max shutter speed. But for other purpose like: travel photography or nightlife photography the camera is also perfect.

Nikon D5600 vs Nikon D5500

So, as we already know Nikon D5600 is almost a replacement of D5500. But what are the similarities or dissimilarities between this two models? And why should you’ll choose D5600 instead of D5500? And if you are becoming confused among these questions then here is a short discussion for you.

Similarities between Nikon D5600 & Nikon D5500



Camera Sensor

23.50 mm * 15.60 mm APSC CMOS

Sensor Resolution

24 Megapixel

Swivel LCD Screen


Face Detection Focus


AE Bracket


Image Stabilization


Optical View Finder

Penta Mirror

Touch Screen


Environmental Sealing


In addition, this two cameras also provide microphone port, raw image support, both built in & external flash support, better framing and control etc.

Dissimilarities between Nikon D5600 & Nikon D5500


Nikon D5600

Nikon D5500

Snapdragon Feature

Nikon D5600 can be connected to its nearest compatible devices with its NFC connectivity feature.

Nikon D5500 has no NFC connectivity.


You can connect your D5600 to other devices through Bluetooth.

It doesn’t provide Bluetooth facility.

Body Weight

It’s weight is little high, 465 gm.

D5500 is 45 gm lighter than D5600 & it weights around 420 gm.

ISO Performance

For low light ISO this model is a little older than D5500. The low light ISO value is 1306.

For low light photography, this one is perfect and ISO value is 1438.

Price Range

Nikon D5600 is usually more expensive than D5500.

Nikon D5500 is cheaper than D5600.

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Why Should You Choose Nikon D5600 over Nikon D5500 ?

So, we have seen both cameras have almost same functionalities. The only notable differences are the snap dragon feature of Nikon D5600 which will ensure relentless wireless connectivity.

Additionally, Nikon D5600 has the time lapse features for videography. And using this feature you can ensure long time movies to be compact on a short time clips.

Reviews of Nikon D5600

Now the recent trend of photography is sharing more photos instantly on social media. And for that reason the demand of connectivity feature is increasing day by day & it’ll be a great reason for you to choose Nikon D5600 over D5500. Besides, time lapse feature can also help you to save your spaces & give your videography a new dimension.

But if you think pennies are more important for you, than these two features than you can also go for Nikon D5500.

Final Verdict

For absolute beginners both Nikon & Canon released different models. And among all photographers some use Nikon & some use Canon DSLR cameras. There are also a good number of Sony users. So, you can choose your own brand, depending on your demands. But in terms of initial price & easier maintenance Nikon is also a life saver. And the above models are its most admirable products. So, before buying your camera check Nikon D5600 & Nikon D5500.

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