Nikon Coolpix S7000 Reviews :Everything You Need to Know About.

In this nikon coolpix s7000 reviews, we will be looking at all the cool things that the camera can do as well as its features and benefits. We will also be looking at its disadvantages, setbacks, and determine if the nikon s7000 price tag is worth it.

Nikon Coolpix S7000 Specifications

Resolution: 16.0 Megapixel

Digital Zoom: 4 x

Auto Focus Points (Zones) Qty: 99

Video : Yes

Camera Flash: Yes

Face Detection: Yes

Nikon Coolpix s7000 Specs

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We are living in the age of selfies, duckfaces, and vanity shots. Considering that all smartphones come with a camera and most digital cameras are able to take high definition shots, it isn’t that surprising that a lot of people spend a lot of time taking pictures of themselves, the people around them, and of their surroundings.

Still, smartphones and some digital cameras have trouble capturing distant targets. The more you use the zooming features of these gadgets, the more pixilated the picture gets. 

If you’re a tourist who blogs about their trip, wouldn’t it be a shame if you give your readers a low resolution picture? The Eiffel Tower wouldn’t be so grand if it’s all pixelated now, wouldn’t it?

Nikon Coolpix S7000

So what should I do?

The obvious answer would be to get a better camera. You can buy smartphones with HD camera features or smartphones with enhanced zoom features but those phones are extremely expensive.

A more pragmatic option would be to get a digital camera like the one in this nikon s7000 review. Digital cameras are versatile and they are easy to use as well. There are different types of digital cameras out there and most of them were designed to capture high definition shots.  

Some of them are even capable of taking long distance shots by zooming in 10, 20, 40, and 80 times their normal photo taking distance.

Introducing the nikon coolpix s7000 camera

The nikon coolpix s7000 camera is one of the newly designed cameras of Nikon. It was released in 2015.  It features a back-illuminated 20 million pixel CMOS sensor to aid you in taking high definition shots. 

It is capable of taking high quality shots at a distance thanks to its 20x optical zoom feature. It also has a 40x with Dynamic Fine Zoom feature that allows the camera to take high definition shot of even far longer distances.

The nikon coolpix is a small portable camera that you can store in your pocket. It comes with its own strap as well. You can easily wear it without suffering neck pains, since it only weighs about 0.36 pounds.  

And unlike other digital cameras, the camera is easy to use and easy to understand, since it doesn’t have a lot of complicated buttons and over complicated features.

The nikon s7000 price isn’t very high so anyone with a decent salary can purchase this outstanding camera. It has tons of other features as well and these features will be discussed below.

nikon s7000 camera

Features and benefits

This wouldn’t be much of a nikon s7000 review, if we’re not going to discuss the various benefits and features of the camera.

The price is surprisingly overloaded with features, and you’ll probably be shocked to see that such a small camera is capable of achieving great things.

Its features are:

Fits perfectly in your pocket

Most digital cameras are big and bulky, that’s why they often come with their own bags and straps. Some digital cameras are as small as the nikon s7000, however they have multiple attachments and protruding parts which makes them hard to pocket.

The s7000 on the other hand is a small camera that is also impressively slim. You will find that it easily slips into your pocket. It also doesn’t have protruding buttons so it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when you are carrying it.

Impressive Zooming Capabilities

This camera comes with a genuine NIKKOR glass lens. This amazing optic lens is what the Nikon brand is known for.  This digital camera is capable of zooming in 20 times the distance thanks to its special optical zoom lens. The lens covers a wide angle and it is great for both landscapes and portrait shots.

Nikon S7000 Zooming Capabilities

If you find that the 20 times optical zoom feature lacking, then you can use the camera’s 40 times dynamic zoom feature. This practically doubles your photo capturing range.

It also goes without saying that the zooming capabilities reduce the amount of pixilation and allows you take pictures of distant targets without losing image quality.

18 Impressive Scene Modes

You can optimize your camera settings to fit the situation. The camera comes with 18 scene modes like night portraits, beach settings, snow mode, and so much more. Just switch to your desired setting and you can have that perfect scenic picture.

But if you’re feeling really lazy or believe that you’re not pro enough to choose a proper scene setting, then have no fear because the “easy auto mode” is here. The easy auto mode setting allows the camera to choose the best setting for you.

Target Finding AF

Have you heard of facial recognition software? Well the target finding AF (Auto Focus) feature is very similar to the facial recognition features found in smartphones.

The technology was developed from large simulation as well analytical ergonomics. This allows the camera to identify human subjects by simply pointing the nikon s7000 coolpix to the intended subject, the camera automatically changes the camera’s settings as it focuses on the target.

As the camera locks down on a target, it calculates and specifies the size and proportion needed to adjust the camera focus. To put it in simpler terms, the camera is identifies human targets and automatically adjust the cameras focus to give you a clearer and more defined photo.

What’s even more amazing is the target finding AF feature not only works when is in the center, but it also functions just as well on off-center subjects. The AF feature isn’t just limited to human targets, you can choose all types of specimens like flowers, food, pets, cars, etc.

nikon coolpix s7000 camera

Easy to Use

It doesn’t have a revolutionary design nor does it have interesting attachments. This may look like a big disadvantage but it is not. This simple and plain design of the nikon coolpix s7000 makes it incredibly easy to use and operate.

The buttons of the camera are very easy to locate. Most of the buttons are pretty self-explanatory, so you’ll get the hang of using the camera eventually. You can find an on/off button in top of the camera as well as a mode dial and shutter release. The mod dial allows you to switch between the various exposures modes that the camera has to offer. The mod dial also helps you to switch directly between useful modes without the use of a menu system, this direct mode changing process saves you a lot of time and effort.

The different modes to choose from are the automatic mode, scene mode, video clip mode, effects modes, and other useful modes.

The front portion of the nikon s7000 near the shutter release you will find the zoom switch. The zoom switch allows you to adjust the lens and move it in and out of focus.  It also has a zoom lever function which allows the camera to automatically zoom into shots which saves you the trouble of adjusting it.

In the back portion of the camera you will see the standard camera option layout. You can use this to area to make fine adjustments and access the finer features of the camera.  You will find a thumb area and a dedicated video record button here.  You’ll also find a playback button, and dedicated Wi-Fi button here. The camera is slightly indented to prevent you from accidentally pressing any buttons in the back portion area.

Underneath the playback buttons you will find a four way navigational pad that allows you to navigate through the camera’s menu. Each keys of the navigational pad is assigned to a specific special function.

The down button allows you to switch the macro focusing, the right button allows you to adjust the exposure compensation, the up button allows you to access the flash option, and the left button allows you to access the timer mode feature of the camera.

Multiple Language Support

The nikon coolpix s7000 is not limited to the English language. Its supports Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.

Here is the full list of languages it supports:

Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, , Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian Korean, Marathi, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Ukrainian.

Pros and Cons of the nikon coolpix s7000


  • It is small, portable and easy to use.
  • The digital camera comes with tons of interesting and useful features.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It supports multiple languages.

Nothing is perfect, and the same can be said for the s7000. It wouldn’t be much of a s7000 reviews if we just talk about the good things. Here are the cons of the nikon coolpix s7000 camera.


  • The camera is hard to grip and it’s easy to drop the camera when your hands are sweaty.
  • It’s not a professional level camera that can take outstanding shots and create impressive filters.
  • The camera doesn’t have an impressive software. You may get some software defects and malfunctions from time to time.

nikon s7000 price


Q: Does the nikon coolpix s7000 come with an instruction manual?

A: The camera comes with a quick start guide but it does not come with an in depth manual. However, there are numerous instruction manuals that can be found online.

Q: Is the camera waterproof?

A: No it is not, it isn’t even water resistant.

Q: Does the camera come with its own memory card?

A: No it does not, its memory card is purchased separately.

Q: Does it have a time lapse feature?

A: Yes, it does. The nikon coolpix s7000 can capture up to 300 still images in a ten second interval.

Q: Does the camera have a continuous shot feature? And if it does, how fast can it take photos?

A: Yes, the camera does have a continuous shot feature. It can take photos at a speed of 11 fps. However it can only take 7 shots continuously.

Q: How can I transfer my photos to another device?

A: The nikon coolpix s7000 can transfer photos via Wifi or via USB cable. You can share its contents to your android phone using Wifi but you cannot use the camera to directly post your content on the internet (it’s weird). You can also use a USB cable to transfer the contents of the camera to your computer.

Q: What is the camera’s battery life?

A: According to the Nikon / CIPA test results, the camera is rated to have a battery life of 210 shots. This rating does not include the use of Wifi, so if you’re using Wifi, expect the battery life to be lower than 210 shots.


If you’ve been reading this review thoroughly from start to end, then you know that this camera is an impressive one. It’s small, portable and easy to use.

The camera contains tons of features that greatly improves your photo taking experience. However, the camera is not perfect since it doesn’t have a good grip, nor does it have the sophistication of other professional digital cameras.

But if you’re looking for a simple camera that can conveniently take quality pictures during your travels, then the nikon s7000 is definitely for you. Besides, if you’re going to new and interesting places, then you don’t really need anything fancy to capture the memories because the subjects themselves are already fantastic to begin with!

For travelers and newbies alike who just want a reliable camera for taking great quality photos, then this particular product is something you need to consider. If you’re interested in trying out the Nikon s7000, then click here to find out more.

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