Nikon D5300 vs D3300: A Quick Comparison for Beginners

With the same sensor size & camera pixel Nikon D3300 was released in April, 2014 & Nikon D5300 was released in February, 2014. Both are almost similarly configured and they are appropriate for the photographers who are strolling between beginner & intermediate stages of photography. So, let’s take a look on nikon d5300 vs d3300.

Nikon D5300 vs Nikon D3300

Nikon D5300


D5300 vs D3300

Nikon D3300

Now the question is, in spite of having almost same configuration & compatibility, why there is a big price gap between this two cameras & what are the similarities and dissimilarities between them?

And today we are going to illustrate a discussion on Nikon D5300 vs Nikon D3300. We hope this comparison will help you to choose the best DSLR camera for your photography journey.

Nikon d5300 vs Nikon d3300: General Specification

Here are some general specifications given below so that you can have a quick summary of the two cameras:




Release Date

12th February, 2014

21st April, 2014

Sensor Type



Camera Resolution

24 Megapixel

24 Megapixel

Video Resolution

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

Frame Rate

5 Frame Per Second in Continuous Shooting

5 Frame Per Second in Continuous Shooting

ISO Range



AA Filter

No Anti-Aliasing Filter is Present

No Anti-Aliasing Filter is Present

Previous Version

Nikon D5200

Nikon D3200

Nikon d5300 vs d3300: Physical Comparison

The body features are given below:




Front View Size

125 mm * 98 mm

124 mm * 98 mm

Top View Size

125 mm * 76 mm

124 mm * 76 mm


480 gm

430 gm

*** Note: From the comparison table above, we can see Nikon D5300 is 50 gm weighty than Nikon D3300. But it doesn’t always matter. Usually, all we calculate the total weight in terms of the lens weight. But since both these cameras have the same type and size of sensors, the lenses are also same. That’s why, for same configuration these two brands always keep a weight distance of around 50 gm.

Nikon D3300 and D5300 : Similarities

There are some common similarities between the two cameras. Though some common features can also be called as their common limitations, overall you need to know all about these features. It’ll help you to use this versions very skillfully. And finally, during switching into a higher configuration camera, you’ll feel no problems at all.



View Finder

Both cameras have optical view finders which make them more appropriate for object targeting.

View Finder Type

These two cameras have Penta mirror view finders. Though they don’t have the performance as bright as the Penta Prism viewfinders, they are enough to cover up to intermediate level photography.

Face Detection

Nikon D5300 and D3300; both cameras contain face detection feature which makes awesome portraits more beautiful.

Image Stabilization

There is a little limitation and that is none of this cameras have built in image stabilization features.

Camera Resolution

The 24 megapixel camera ensures the photo to be printed in bigger frames.

Flash Support

Both cameras have both internal & external flash feature.

Microphone Port

Both camera feature high quality recording option through microphone port.

Why Should You Choose Nikon D5300 over D3300 ?

Here are some reasons those can convinced you to buy Nikon D5300:



Articulating Screen

Nikon D5300 has flexible & rotation enabled screen those you can rotate to 360 degree.

And that’s why you can choose your own flexible shooting position. Even if you want to take selfies, your camera will work fine also.

LCD Screen Size & Resolution

The 3.2 inches LCD screen of Nikon D5300 has 1.037k dots where Nikon D3300 has 3 inches screen with 921k dots.

It means D5300 has 12% higher resolution display than D3300.

GPS & Wireless Connection

Nikon D5300 has both built-in GPS and wireless connection where Nikon D3300 can’t track your location or location create Meta data for your images because it doesn’t contain GPS option. Besides, wireless connection is also option in D3300.

Auto Exposure Bracketing

AEB is an option where your camera automatically take 3-4 shots in different exposures.

It is a very useful option especially for tough lighting or HDR ambiance. And D5300 has owned this option where Nikon D3300 doesn’t contain AEB feature.

Number of Focus Point & Cross Type Focus Point

Nikon D5300 has 39 focus points which is 28 more than D3300. Nikon D3300 has only 11 focus points where it contains only 1 cross type focus points.

On that contrary Nikon D5300 has 11 cross type focus points which has made it more efficient in photography.

Time Lapse Recording

D5300 offers time lapse videography feature which makes it more creative in shooting whereas D3300 doesn’t have any time lapse feature.


D5300 is cheaper than D3300 which makes it more featured to photo enthusiasts.

Why Should You Choose Nikon D3300 over Nikon D5300?

The reasons why should buy Nikon D3300 are given below:



Color Depth

Nikon D3300 has higher color depths than D5300. It contains 24.3 where D5300 contains 24.0.


As we already read on physical comparison that D3300 is 430 gm which is 50 gm less than the weight of d5300.

Battery Life

It has better battery life and your battery will live approximately for 700 shots where D5300 has lower battery life which remain on for around 600 shots.

ISO Setting

For low light photography it shows better performance because of its ISO range. D3300 has the ISO 1385 for low light whereas D5300 has 1338.

Our Suggestion for Camera Selection

Now we’ve seen the features & differences of above cameras by yourself. So, it’s time to decide which camera best suits you. The first point to be considered before you choose a camera is what are your goals & which type of photography you are going to do.

For Landscape Photography: Both cameras are fine because of their large sensor size. In that case you can go for less expensive option, which means Nikon D5300.

For Regular Photography: You should choose the lighter one as you’ve to carry the camera every time. In that case Nikon D3300 will be perfect.

For Sports Photography: You can choose any of these cameras because both have faster shutter speed with awesome focus point.

For Night Photography: You can go for D3300 as it performs better in low light than D5300. That’s why if you love to play with ISO setting, then D3300 can make a significant difference in you night photography.

For Portrait orStreet Photography : Both D5300 & D3300 work fine. But in these cases we’ll keep D5300 forward because of its other features like: number of focus point, auto exposure setting etc.

So, now compare the specifications & then check the features of both cameras in difference ambiance. And we hope we’ll be then able to peak the right camera for your photography.

Final Verdict

For every beginners, who started or going to start their journey to photography with Nikon Camera must know the pros and con of Nikon cameras. Otherwise, you may become demotivated. And with great frustration many photographers blame Camera Company.

But you should always remember, every camera are being tested by expert photographers. That’s why no camera is bad. But you should find that camera which is best to fulfill your needs. And that’s why we are trying to gather and discuss the camera information from different aspects of photography.

And our goal is to turn your Call of Photography into your Call of Memory so that you can become more comfortable in taking shots and using that shots you can fabricate your own memory, photography memory.

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